Thursday, February 26, 2009


I fixed the "greenniebean" thing.

I have been thinking about the St. Lawrence River. The 1000 Islands. Manzanita Island, specifically.

It's that time of year, the almost-spring-in-the-Northeast time of year, when a subset of my internal longings comes out of hibernation to slowly wake up, yawn, stretch their little yearnings-subset arms and legs ... notice their grumbling tummies and the need for (spiritual) food and sustenance ... and begin to plan their trek.

To the River. To the 1000 Islands.

To Manzanita, specifically.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Did I Spell That Incorrectly?

* sigh * My screen name is greeniebean. This is the greeniebean blog. So wassup with that "greenniebean" mishap in the About Me area? I guess that tells you something about me. Oh well.

That's it for now. Just my way of saying hi. To myself, basically. I mean, isn't that why blogs are so poopular? (That wasn't a typo.) Because we bloggers are really just talking to ourselves and pretending that other people are interested. 

Aren't we? (See? I'm pretending someone is interested and is reading this ... amazing how quickly the pretense took hold of me!)

Come on. You KNOW this is so interesting that you will be begging for more.